~ Elegant Works of Feather Art ~

Silhouettes, fashion plates and other images from the 18th to 21st Century are adorned with feathers, butterfly and beetle wings, snakeskin, animal hair, flowers and other treasures from an Australian garden, a farmyard or the wayside, to create Images de Plumes – pictures of great beauty and originality. There is an immense variety of subject matter depicting varying moods, from humour to romance, sophistication and much more.

No two Images are ever the same, nor can they be exactly recreated with the same feathers. This is a unique art form which enhances interiors of any style, antique or modern. Each is worthy of becoming an heirloom, a collector’s item or just a very special gift.

This website features only a small selection of the pictures that have been created, but current available pictures can be seen on the For Sale page. High quality Greetings Cards are available.