About Artist

Audrey & BertieAudrey Raymond was a leading exponent of Découpage and a member of The National Guild of Découpeurs in America. She has published two books on the subject and written numerous magazine articles. She also appeared on radio and television and taught for many years in Sydney, Australia, before moving north to sub-tropical Queensland to pursue her interest in this art form.

When an accident in 1998 curtailed her Découpage activities, the deprivation caused Audrey to seek another creative outlet. Eventually, her lifelong interest in silhouettes led her to the idea of dressing them in feathers, an inspiration born from her knowledge of certain feather work executed in Europe in past centuries. Many of the silhouettes are copies of originals by famous and revered exponents of that art.  From that genre she has also moved on to more modern images.

From simple beginnings, Audrey has developed her feather art to a highly sophisticated and intricate level, and is continually experimenting to expand and vitalise her art form. Her work has been hung and sold in art exhibitions and galleries in Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia, as well as in the USA, UK, France and New Zealand.